Priced from$32,990 +Orc
Intelligence Is The Answer

The proof lies in the ingenious redesign of the ultimate urban crossover. The Nissan QASHQAI combines stunning, sophisticated looks with efficient aerodynamics.
Explore your world whilst pushing driving into the future.

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Nissan Advanced Drive - Assist TM Display

The Nissan QASHQAI’s Advanced Drive-Assist TM Display puts all your info right in front of you - just toggle between the screens using the steering wheel controls. Easy.

Think in Sync

Nissan Intelligent Mobility rede nes the way we power, drive and integrate cars in our lives. Step inside the Nissan QASHQAI and you’ll soon discover a suite of intelligent technologies that make you more con dent behind the wheel. From Intelligent Park Assist† to Intelligent Emergency Braking with Forward Collision Warning^, the Nissan QASHQAI constantly looks out for you and those around you.

Choose the moment to share control

Nissan Intelligent Mobility takes your driving experience to the next level. Experience the exhilarating feeling of entrusting the Nissan QASHQAI as its Intelligent Driving technologies give you more con dence and control. It’s another bit of help that makes every single road a better and safer place to be.

Steps in when you need it

Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Driving technologies use advanced radar technology to constantly monitor activity going on around you, keeping tabs on the tra c and helping you handle any unexpected situations.

Responds Seamlessly to the road around you

The Nissan QASHQAI is an exhilarating drive thanks to Nissan’s Chassis Control technologies –it gives you greater agility and responsiveness, yet still manages to be smooth to handle and secure to drive.

Model Specifications

Qashqai ST 2.0 Petrol
Combined fuel cons.6.9L/100km
Max. output106kW
Max. torque200Nm
Priced from$32,990 +Orc
Qashqai ST-L 2.0 Petrol
Combined fuel cons.6.9L/100km
Max. output106kW
Max. torque200Nm
Priced from$40,200 +Orc
Qashqai Ti 2.0 Petrol
Combined fuel cons.6.9L/100km
Max. output106kW
Max. torque200Nm
Priced from$44,990 +Orc

Terms & Conditions

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Retail price includes 15% GST and does not include on-road costs. Fuel consumption tested in accordance with EC directive 80/1268/EC. Consumption measured on European specification cars. Images shown are for marketing purposes only, and may reference models not available in New Zealand.

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Can’t say enough about City Nissan, awesome customer service and outstanding communication all the way through out the sale. Very happy. Thanks again Sean for everything.

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